Manor_WatercolorProtected and preserved by more than three centuries of family stewardship, Thornton is a truly special place and unique treasure for our family.  We are pleased to share it with others who will enjoy it with the same respect and care as we do.

The current owners are the 12th direct descendant generation of Philip Brooks to whom Thornton was conveyed in 1693.  (It was originally patented in 1664.)

In 1851 Mary Brooks Wilmer became its owner.  It passed to Philip George Wilmer (Mayor of Chestertown from 1935-1963) in 1923 and then to his daughter Ann Wilmer Hoon in 1972.  Her son Philip Wilmer Hoon and his wife Lisa Langis Hoon are the current owners.

The house was built circa 1815.  It was renovated in 1980 as a family residence.  It was again renovated in 2006.  The 300 acres of farmland were protected in perpetuity by conservation easements in the 1980’s.  They include traditional and organic cropland, as well as a small Merlot grape vineyard.

As the current stewards of Thornton, we take special pride in this cherished, dignified and graceful family farm and house.  We hope and expect that others who have the interest in and opportunity to stay there will enjoy and treat it with care, appreciation and gentility.